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Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Set off your kitchen with gorgeous Brazilian cherry flooring. Brazilian cherry flooring looks expensive, but it doesnít have to beóif you know where to shop. At Peak Auctioneering, we know our customers want to have the most the beautiful flooring supplies at a cost that doesnít break the bank. We have worked with the best manufacturers in the industry for more than 20 years to find great deals to pass on the savings to you.

Brazilian cherry flooring is the most popular imported flooring given its inherent beauty, rich coloring and superior hardness. If you are considering Brazilian cherry flooring for your home or office, we recommend learning a little bit about it. When it is first milled, Brazilian Cherry is a tan/salmon color with black striping which turns a rich deep red color over time. It varies from yellowish hues to pink/reds to dark reds with black striping. Quartered selection yields the most uniform look/color range. In direct sunlight, the color change will occur within a few days. Out of sunlight, it will oxidize slowly over six months. Water-based finishes tend to retard the color change while oil based finishes enhance it. Itís important to note that silica, also referred to as white spots, are a natural occurrence in Brazilian Cherry and are not considered a defect.

Brazilian cherry flooring isnít just for your kitchen. You can warm up a den or a bedroom with this attractive and functional flooring option. Given Brazilian Cherryís extreme hardness, it may be used in commercial installations as well.

At Peak Auctioneering, we make it easy to find the Brazilian cherry flooring you need for your project. You may attend one of our live auctions, where you can browse our extensive inventory of flooring, Kitchen Cabinets and other building materials.

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