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Affordable Hardwood Flooring


Did you know you can find affordable hardwood flooring at Peak Building Materials Auction. Hardwood floors add a beautiful, elegant, natural element to your home and no one but you needs to know if it was expensive or cheap. Hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be a budget-buster, especially when you purchase it at Peak Auctioneering.

The reasonably priced hardwood flooring we sell at Peak Auctioneering should really be called inexpensive hardwood flooring because our products are definitely not cheap in terms of quality. In fact, all of the products we sell are only top quality, manufactured by reputable leaders in the industry. Thanks to our long history of working with these manufacturers, we are able to offer you their products at competitive rates.

We understand that sometimes you only need to replace or repair part of a floor: our selection includes prefinished and unfinished economical hardwood flooring. With unfinished hardwood flooring, you’re able to match an existing installation or compliment a piece of furniture or wall color. Our cheap hardwood flooring is sold by the square foot, allowing you to buy just the amount you need for your project.

One of our most popular cheap hardwood flooring products is Brazilian Walnut. This dense hardwood has exceedingly fine graining. The overall color of Brazilian Walnut depends on where it's grown and will range from a light yellowish tan to a deep, rich brown.

Who knew it could be so easy and affordable to get the rich, warm look that hardwoods provide? To learn more about the other types of cheap hardwood flooring products we offer, including the price per square foot and minimum order required, contact us today. Our customer service representatives are skilled in matching colors and surfaces, and they are looking forward to helping you with your next project.