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Unfinished Hardwood Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring offers several advantages over carpet. Easy clean up, timeless style and longevity are just three reasons to investigate this flooring option. When you choose unfinished wood flooring for your next residential or commercial project, you increase your project options. Hardwood floors add a beautiful, elegant, natural element to your home but with unfinished wood flooring, you’re able to take a hands-on approach. You can create a completely new look or match an existing installation.

Peak Auctioneering is the ideal place to find unfinished wood flooring. Because we understand the time and physical restrictions associated with attending live auctions, we’ve designed our successful business with your needs in mind. Our wide selection of unfinished wood flooring is available in three convenient ways: live auctions, online auctions and through our online shop, Peak Home Products.

If you haven’t purchased and installed unfinished wood flooring before, consider contacting our customer service representatives before you get started. We can answer your questions, as well as offer up some design suggestions and tips for making your project go more smoothly.

Pre-finished wood flooring is also available. Just like the unfinished wood flooring, all of our pre-finished wood flooring is sold by the square foot.

You don’t need to be a builder or licensed contractor to work with Peak Auctioneering. Anyone is welcome to shop and purchase at all three locations. Our live auctions are held in the eastern United States. We often conduct entire auctions based solely on flooring. Check out our online schedule to find out if we’ll be in your area. We’d love to see you. And don’t forget to come prepared by bringing a truck to haul off your unfinished wood flooring.

A sad fact of life is that sometimes steal from one another. People who prepare properly for the auction never lose anything and people who come by themselves, without proper conveyance always lose something.