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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need my drivers license?

  • As a form of deposit. To secure the line of credit we have provided for purchases

I don’t have a license, what can we do?

  • It requires a $2,000.00 deposit or a passport

How do I sign up for the mailing list?

Where do you get the materials from?

  • Materials are provided by local and national manufactures, importers, and wholesalers.

How late does the auction run?

  • The auction will run until all material is sold.

What is the order of the sale?

  • The order of the sale will be announced in the open statement of the auctioneer at 9:00am.

When will you be selling outside material?

  • Typically, the outside lumber yard is sold at 10:00am (times may vary).

Can I bid online?

  • No, we only allow bids during the auction in-person.

Why do you charge a buyer’s premium?

  • To cover the operating expense of the auction.

How does the buyer’s premium work?

  • A “Buyer’s Premium” will be added to the final bid on each item to become part of the purchase price. The “Buyer’s Premium” is that portion of the commission which is being paid by the buyer. A 13% Buyer’s Premium will be charged on all sales paid for with credit card, debit card, or split payments (IE: cash + credit card). Premium will be discounted 3% (10% Premium) for invoices PAID IN FULL with cash

Why are you charging me sales tax?

  • Sales tax is required by your state and local county.

Do you have people to load my material?

  • No, only fork lifts. It is your responsibility to load out your material.
    Suggestion: We recommend to bring additional people, a hand truck, and shrink wrap to may load go as smoothly as possible.

Where do I sign up to get a forklift?

  • The forklift agent is located at the side of the overhead door(s) in most auction facilities.

How late can I load out?

  • On Saturday, the doors to the facility will be open for load out for two hours after the last item is sold.

What time do you open for pickup on Sunday?

  • Sunday pick-up is from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

What if someone steals my stuff?

  • Once an item is sold to you it becomes your property and your responsibility. We have security at the door(s) to help you secure your materials.
    Peak Security is not responsible for theft or missing materials.
    Suggestion: Bring additional help to watch your material.

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