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Building materials are big & heavy requiring them to be moved with forklifts, trucks and trailers; the auction is not a safe place for small children.

Come prepared! Trucks and trailers are available to rent locally inexpensively. If possible, bring help to load and secure your purchases.

During the auction you may hand carry paid for materials out of the designated doors. As a general rule, forklifts will begin operating at noon on Saturday and continue until 2 hours after the auction ends. They will also run from 8 am until 5 pm on Sunday. As our auctions are held on public property, everything must be removed by 5 pm Sunday.


Please understand that at the moment of sale (the fall of the hammer, or the auctioneer says “Sold”) the material is yours and the security of the material rests with you. As a service to you, we have personnel at the door during the sale to verify a receipt on everything that passes through. The forklift drivers will also ask for a receipt before loading any material.


Everything must be paid for on the day of purchase, no exceptions. You may pay your bill several times a day or once at the end. In order to get out of the facility, all material must be accompanied by a paid invoice.

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