What to Expect


All our auctions are held in a public facility, typically a county or state fairgrounds. We block off all the loading areas so as not to have congestion and issues for our forklifts to maneuver. We will cover later what to expect for loading out.

PREVIEW We begin offering a preview (Sneak-A-Peak) at noon until 6PM prior to auction day. Please come in and start making a plan on what you hope to purchase. Please understand that we are still in the process of laying out, arranging, and opening samples. If you need assistance in inspecting an item, please ask any crew member for assistance.

AUCTION DAY Registration begins at 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM am and the first item is sold at 9:00 AM. Depending on the location we have 3 to 6 registration windows. As a rule, the earlier you come the shorter the line, later you come longer the line. There is no cost to register, however we hold your valid US driver license while you have a bid number. One exception to holding your license is a $2,000 or more Cash deposit, understanding your bid number will become void when your cash deposit is exhausted. Additionally, whenever a balance reaches $15,000 we will ask the buyer to pay up, then continue bidding. We issue you a bid number placed in a clear pouch on a lanyard. Please put these around your neck so any auctioneer or ring person can easily see. With as many items to sell as fast as we can sell, waiting for someone to dig through their pockets or purse can slow the process down and add hours to the sale. NOTE: Peak building material auctions are all day events.

SALE ORDER We begin the auction on hardware and related items at 9:00am. At approximately 10:00am we break into SECOND RING that sells everything outside, lumber, decking, siding and all other exterior building products, also If there are barns with windows and misc. millwork. Shortly after 10:00am we start the THIRD RING selling lighting, plumbing, trim, newels, and other specialty items. Once the hardware tables are completed the FIRST RING moves to rugs, all flooring products, all tile products, all kitchens, appliances, beginning on interior doors, exterior doors, storm doors and everything else placed on the walls. You can always expect 2 or 3 selling rings simultaneously.

LOADING OUT MATERIALS Once an item or items have been paid for you are free to manually carry them to the designated exit. There you will be stopped and all items checked to your invoice. Sometimes this process will slow you down, but we try to keep people from stealing from each other. During Saturday load out our parking attendants will spot your vehicle either as a hand load or a machine load. Once you are loaded your vehicle must move out to make room for another. 

UNDERSTAND THIS we will not let all buyer’s jam their cars and trucks into our load out area. You may have to sit and wait for an opening. Load out on Saturday is never easy and convenient. If you are loading on Saturday, we hope you bring along a big bucket of ‘patience’.

FORKLIFTS If you require machine loading, bring your paid receipt to our forklift agent stationed near the main entrance. The agent will assess how many lifts will be required and ask for $5.00 per lift. Your buyer number will be placed on her list and as your number comes up she will call you on your cell phone to say we have a driver available for you. If you are waiting in a lot she will instruct the parking agent to bring you to the loading area. We will machine load your material, which means we will place it into your truck or trailer or at its side. Our drivers are certified professionals. They will follow your loading instructions but are not responsible if your directions cause a problem. Additionally, they will not create a dangerous load.

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